Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I love making bookmarks since I use them all the time.They are very easy to make.  It's a great kid's craft looks nice, easy and you don't have to be precise.

With these bookmarks I used Tags that I got from the craft store. You can also use cardstock. It has to be heavy paper to keep it from curling with all the paint and Mod Podge.

Materials needed:

  • Card Stock or Tags
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint (2 or more colors) Acrylic works well and is cheap
  • Paint Brush or make up sponge
  • Picture (I like page a day calendars)
  • Ribbon or Yarn

Time: 15 to 30 minutes depending on how fancy you get.

Lord of the Rings 2005 Calendar

First, I painted the tag with a light brown color and sponged on an old gold color. I prefer make-up sponges because they are around the house and do a good job. You can by the expensive sponges at the craft store, they work well, too. They hold up to multiple washing better than the make up sponges. I used acrylic paints (the ones for $1 a bottle) which don't take very long to dry.

While it's drying I pick out a picture usually from a page a day desk calendar. Once it's dried I put Mod Podge on the tag and carefully place the picture on top. I pat it down then Mod Podge over top of it. It will dry clear. I find a ribbon and stick it on top.

From a Teddy Bear a day calendar
For the Teddy Bear book mark I used a fun looking yarn that I got at Big Lots. These also make great cat toys. I also used a grommet for the top hole since I had them lying around and thought hit might look nice. It is not necessary. I just end up with so much odds and ends from various craft projects that I try to use up materials any way I can.

This last one I went a little overboard on. I had a package of scrapbooking stickers and decided to use them all on one bookmark. I painted the tag blue and sponged a lighter blue on it just for extra color. I'm not an artist, I just think it looks better with at least 2 colors. I had just regular blue ribbon and tied a dolphin ceramic figure/bead at the end. It's nice, but the dolphin is a bit too much. I also had to glue the dolphin onto the ribbon to make sure he would stay. I don't think I'll make another bookmark with such a heavy end piece. 

The shirt also keeps the book from laying flat, so I haven't used it very much. It is fun to look at, though.