Wednesday, May 28, 2014


You would think that putting a magnet on a marble would be pretty straightforward. I had no idea how complicated it could get.

My first goal was to make a quality product. I like strong magnets so I made sure to get Neodynium, also called Rare Earth magnets. These are the strongest magnets. What I didn't realize, and I don't know why it's common sense, is that the tiny magnets would have a tiny pull.

The tiny magnets looked very cute on my marbles. However, they don't have the strength that I prefer. I put them on my refrigerator and they can hold up one paper. When I took it to work I felt it didn't hold up the things I needed them to. I was very disappointed with the quality and have now taken these particular magnet I had to take out of my store.

I am now using magnets with a 6lb pull strength. Yes, now I'm learning all about the different magnets and how they measure strength.

I have also learned more about glues. I found Gorilla and Loctite glues don't work for what I need. I am happy with e-6000 glue, although I will continue to experiment.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

What Sesame Street Character would you be?

After long and careful thought I decided that I would be Oscar the Grouch, or perhaps being a girl I would be Grundgetta.
I’m not really a ‘grouchy’ person, but I do love being alone. I’m not really that social. I like upcycling, recycling, reusing and reducing, as do a lot of Grouches on Sesame Street. Big Bird really gets me irritated, just like he does with Oscar. 
Having said that, I will not give up my dream of being the Disney Princess Belle to live on Sesame Street. Belle has loads of books, inanimate objects do the cooking and cleaning. Not a lot of visitors come by, a huge plus in my book. And her husband dotes on her. There isn’t much better than that.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Lemon Daisy Etsy Shop

Here are some marble magnets that I am offering in my Lemon Daisy Etsy shop. They are made with Rare Earth magnets.They may be small but they are quite powerful little magnets. I really like using marbles. They look cool on my refrigerator with my bees. Like a whole bunch of little toys scattered on my fridge.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Lemon Daisy Etsy Shop!

I finally got my Etsy Shop running! It's called The Lemon Daisy! I will be selling fun and functional things I make there. I love making bookmarks and magnets mostly. The magnets are made from games that are incomplete and are heading for the trash. Some of these games have some cute pieces though, and it'd be a shame to dump them in the trash.

Bee Magnets in my Etsy shop The Lemon Daisy!

This game I bought for work. I work in a pediatric setting and thought this would be a fun game to play. I got it at a flea market and was assured all the pieces were there. When I got it home I saw the major piece, the bee hive, was missing. The game was useless. A co-worker used the sticks in the game as kebab sticks for fruit and I turned the bees into magnets.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Small Vase

I bought this small vase a few weeks ago. There are markings on the bottom. I've tried to find out more information on this but can't seem to find anything like it. I'm not sure what the first letter is which makes it even harder to do a google search of it. 

I bought it because I really like the colors. If it's worth something to someone else, then it's SOLD!

I would appreciate any help in finding out it's mark. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pottery Barn Plates

These are 5 Pottery Barn plates. They are 12 inch and stack 3.5 inches high. Together they weigh 13 pounds. They cost $1.99 for each plate. There are many problems with these plates. 

  • They are much too big. At 12 inches, they don't fit well in most of my cupboards. Besides which, I don't need this big of plates. I make/eat nothing that would fill up these plates.
  • They don't fit in the dishwasher. I already have one set of cups that are not dishwasher safe. They are a hassle enough to wash. 
  • To ship these plates I need a pretty big box with enough stuffing to keep them safe. I could go the USPS. Priority Mail Flat rate box. The 12"x12"x 5-1/2" might be tight enough to keep it safe. The big question is, an additional $18.00 to have it shipped? I'd break even at $30.  I doubt anyone is willing to pay more. And that is if this box actually fits. The plates are 12". It might not fit well enough in the 12" box. 
Too much to think about. I'll just keep the plates and try to figure out a use for them.

This is a vintage (I assume since it looks like the other ones on Ebay) 4 piece Federal Glass Atomic Flower (milk glass) Snack set or Luncheon plate. I did not realize that it should have come with cups, or I would have looked for them as well. I paid $1.99 per plate. A full set, which includes the cups, on Ebay is starting at $19.99. Luckily, these plates are more useful. They don't take up as much space so we'll be using them. They are 7" x 10". They fit the cupboard.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

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Saturday, February 15, 2014


2014 is my year of Balance.
Last bear I made

My life these past years have been out of balance. I haven't been doing anything creative. I haven't been reading as much. My hobby, sweeping, I haven't kept up with as much as I'd like to. I've been ignoring a healthy lifestyle as well.

This year I plan on making more dolls, bears, bookmarks and art journals. I've opened up an Etsy shop since many of my things are quite nice. I thought this would be a way to inspire me to create and share. Regardless if anyone buys my items, they will at least be on display. Filling up my shop will be a way for me to keep track of how much I'm doing.

I have a journal just for writing the books I'm reading. Having it written down will keep me on track to read more. I like to have a Balance of fiction, non-fiction, memoirs and do-it yourself (crafty) books. I also put them on Goodreads. If anyone wants to join me, this is where I am: Goodreads.

I'm watching what I eat and trying to eat a balance of things. I'm cutting back on fats and excessive calories. I'm not 'dieting'. I don't feel that would help with the Balance I'm seeking. I haven't been exercising like crazy, again I'm trying to achieve Balance. I've been playing more on the Wii and watching my calories on SparkPeople. If anyone wants to join me there: My SparkPage.

My biggest hobby is entering giveaways, otherwise known as "sweeping". I love to enter sweepstakes and win things. Last week I won a Walking with Dinosaurs gift pack. It includes a $25 Visa Card, a dinosaur book and stickers. I also won a signed by the author book called Layers. It is fiction and I'm looking forward to reading it. What I really like about winning books is that it opens me up for books I might not otherwise have picked.

I hope I will gain some friends/followers on this blog to go on this journey of Balance with me.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I love making bookmarks since I use them all the time.They are very easy to make.  It's a great kid's craft looks nice, easy and you don't have to be precise.

With these bookmarks I used Tags that I got from the craft store. You can also use cardstock. It has to be heavy paper to keep it from curling with all the paint and Mod Podge.

Materials needed:

  • Card Stock or Tags
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint (2 or more colors) Acrylic works well and is cheap
  • Paint Brush or make up sponge
  • Picture (I like page a day calendars)
  • Ribbon or Yarn

Time: 15 to 30 minutes depending on how fancy you get.

Lord of the Rings 2005 Calendar

First, I painted the tag with a light brown color and sponged on an old gold color. I prefer make-up sponges because they are around the house and do a good job. You can by the expensive sponges at the craft store, they work well, too. They hold up to multiple washing better than the make up sponges. I used acrylic paints (the ones for $1 a bottle) which don't take very long to dry.

While it's drying I pick out a picture usually from a page a day desk calendar. Once it's dried I put Mod Podge on the tag and carefully place the picture on top. I pat it down then Mod Podge over top of it. It will dry clear. I find a ribbon and stick it on top.

From a Teddy Bear a day calendar
For the Teddy Bear book mark I used a fun looking yarn that I got at Big Lots. These also make great cat toys. I also used a grommet for the top hole since I had them lying around and thought hit might look nice. It is not necessary. I just end up with so much odds and ends from various craft projects that I try to use up materials any way I can.

This last one I went a little overboard on. I had a package of scrapbooking stickers and decided to use them all on one bookmark. I painted the tag blue and sponged a lighter blue on it just for extra color. I'm not an artist, I just think it looks better with at least 2 colors. I had just regular blue ribbon and tied a dolphin ceramic figure/bead at the end. It's nice, but the dolphin is a bit too much. I also had to glue the dolphin onto the ribbon to make sure he would stay. I don't think I'll make another bookmark with such a heavy end piece. 

The shirt also keeps the book from laying flat, so I haven't used it very much. It is fun to look at, though.