Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pottery Barn Plates

These are 5 Pottery Barn plates. They are 12 inch and stack 3.5 inches high. Together they weigh 13 pounds. They cost $1.99 for each plate. There are many problems with these plates. 

  • They are much too big. At 12 inches, they don't fit well in most of my cupboards. Besides which, I don't need this big of plates. I make/eat nothing that would fill up these plates.
  • They don't fit in the dishwasher. I already have one set of cups that are not dishwasher safe. They are a hassle enough to wash. 
  • To ship these plates I need a pretty big box with enough stuffing to keep them safe. I could go the USPS. Priority Mail Flat rate box. The 12"x12"x 5-1/2" might be tight enough to keep it safe. The big question is, an additional $18.00 to have it shipped? I'd break even at $30.  I doubt anyone is willing to pay more. And that is if this box actually fits. The plates are 12". It might not fit well enough in the 12" box. 
Too much to think about. I'll just keep the plates and try to figure out a use for them.

This is a vintage (I assume since it looks like the other ones on Ebay) 4 piece Federal Glass Atomic Flower (milk glass) Snack set or Luncheon plate. I did not realize that it should have come with cups, or I would have looked for them as well. I paid $1.99 per plate. A full set, which includes the cups, on Ebay is starting at $19.99. Luckily, these plates are more useful. They don't take up as much space so we'll be using them. They are 7" x 10". They fit the cupboard.

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