Monday, April 28, 2014

The Lemon Daisy Etsy Shop!

I finally got my Etsy Shop running! It's called The Lemon Daisy! I will be selling fun and functional things I make there. I love making bookmarks and magnets mostly. The magnets are made from games that are incomplete and are heading for the trash. Some of these games have some cute pieces though, and it'd be a shame to dump them in the trash.

Bee Magnets in my Etsy shop The Lemon Daisy!

This game I bought for work. I work in a pediatric setting and thought this would be a fun game to play. I got it at a flea market and was assured all the pieces were there. When I got it home I saw the major piece, the bee hive, was missing. The game was useless. A co-worker used the sticks in the game as kebab sticks for fruit and I turned the bees into magnets.

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