Sunday, January 20, 2013

Palmolive Lime Basil Dish Detergent

I am a member of It is a site where you can review and comment on products. I received from them 3 bottles of Ultra Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish detergent.

I've always like the Palmolive brand. I feel it is a good quality product with a reasonable price. Usually most brands, Palmolive included, have a very limited ranges of scents. I never really thought much of it before since washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen isn't one of my favorite things to do. It's something I have to do and want to get done as quickly as possible. So when I received all three scents in the mail I was surprised at the variety of scents they have created.

The first one I tried was the Lemon Thyme. I had taken that one down into the basement where I needed to clean off some cast iron dumbbell weights. I really didn't think much of the advertised scent because it's lemon. Lemon is lemon-y big deal. As the hot water wafted the smell up, it wasn't just the straight antiseptic fake lemon scent I expected. It really did smell a more lemon, and while I couldn't pick out the thyme specifically, it made it smell much different than the regular fake lemon I was used to. I am very happy with that scent.

Lime Basil was the second scent that I used. I kept that one upstairs in the kitchen sink. This lime smelled very strongly of Lime jello. It smelled delicious! I think the basil in the smell cut through the typical "scent" smell I'm used to in detergents. I think the basil makes it smell more of food. It was interesting to smell while I was doing the dishes. Thankfully, the scent didn't transfer and stay on the dishes. Sometimes with strong smells I can still smell them in the cups and have to rinse like crazy to get the smell out. Not so with this detergent. It smelled great while I was cleaning, but the cups just smelled clean afterwards.

The last one is Ginger White Tea. I gave this one to my mother to try. It smelled interesting, although I felt it smelled more of a muted flower scent with just a hint of a spice. It was a very pleasant smell even if I could never have guessed it's exact scent.

I like the clear packaging. It is straight up and down and looks very nice when it's sitting out on the sink. When I put it up under the sink it fits in nicely to my box of cleaning supplies. My other brand of dish detergent comes in a shape that is unique to it's brand. That makes it a bit awkward to pack it into my box and takes up more space than needed. I love the efficient design and shape of this product.

Like all the products in the Palmolive line, it does the job very well. The scents are different and a pleasant change from the typical Lemon that many dish detergents come in. I will definitely be looking for these the next time I need to purchase dish detergents.


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