Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Goody Hair Ribbons

This is what I received from Influenster to evaluate. Even though they were given to me, my opinions about the product are my own.

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics


I love how the ribbons look. They have a satiny finish that you can't appreciate from the photo. They aren't flashy, but they aren't dull, either. It reminds me of when my grandparents would want me in pretty hair ribbons. Unfortunately, the ribbons did not last in my stubborn hair. This would have been perfect.

They do not pull my hair when I'm putting them in or removing them. They are as ouch-less as they claim.

They are easy to put in. Because they are simply tied at one end, instead of sewing them together, I worried they would pull themselves out of the knot and I'd be forever re-tying them. So far, with several weeks of using them, it has not happened.


I like my pony tails really tight. While this kept my hair up and away it wasn't as tight as the regular elastics that I normally use. Mostly this is because right when I'm at the final twisting of the ribbon and pulling in the last of my hair the knot slips just a bit. It's that bit that keeps it from being very tight. And also making me think that one of these days I'll end up re-tying it.

I don't like the knot at the end. I think it gives it a home-made look. I wish they would have finished it off more professionally. It would have made it look more up-scale and prettier. The material used is so pretty, but the knot makes it look like I found a scrap of something (albeit pretty) and am just 'making do'.


Would I buy these? I think it's nice to have a package on hand for when I want a pretty hair ribbon. I will probably still use my other elastics for at work when I need my hair out of the way and completely back. I usually use the Goody Brand, as it is a good one for the 'ouch-less' variety of elastics and nicely priced.

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